Our Goal

We feel that an open environment assists trainees to learn much better, and want trainees to feel comfy as we teach them the art of drawing blood. We care very deeply for each student and go above and beyond in making certain trainees comprehend the ideas of drawing blood. In the 15 years, we have taught trainees, we have found it to be very gratifying seeing our trainees go from novices to excellent phlebotomists and ready to start a brand-new profession.

School Information

The Coumteq School of Phlebotomy was established in August 2000 and has taught countless trainees because of time. Our trainers have had more than 35 years of experience in the field of phlebotomy and other fields of medicine. Their understanding, ability, and strategy of phlebotomy will help trainees learn rapidly, effectively, and efficiently. Not just do they understand phlebotomy, they help others to learn in a relaxing and favorable environment. Our trainers will make sure that each student understands the best ways to draw blood and be proficient in doing so. Their devotion and love for this field are shown in how they teach this course.